Mag Edgard is a theatre company located on the outskirts of Barcelona, specialized in magic for all types of audiences. Mag Edgard Company performs shows covering a wide range of possibilities, from large-format productions up to the magic or more intimate Close-Up.

In eight years of existence in the Catalan and Spanish scene, the company already enjoys a great reputation. Has shaken the world of theatre for all ages with the inclusion of innovative techniques of magic. The result of this process of growth, the year 2014, he won first prize in the National Championship of Magic, Caceres, 2014, in the section of great illusions.

During these years the company has consolidated a stable structure for the creation, production and distribution. With this, the illusionist Edgard Mauri is supported by both artistic and technician professional teams that accompanies him since its inception.

Even though this path began when Edgar came to form part of the cast of the Café-Teatro Llantiol (landmark for the magic). For two years, he made more than 400 performances by the Catalan coast. The following 5 years worked in the company of Mag Lari, where he completed his training at the side of highly qualified people in the field.

The path has been completed with TV appearances, two years performing in the Teatreneu, Barcelona, in sessions of close-up magic and performing at conferences and festivals, theatre pointers (Fira de Tàrrega, La Mostra d'Igualada, FETEN-Gijón, FISM Italy, etc.). In addition, for two years, had a program of magic, within the internet TV platform, Waita.TV.

In this last period has created the Fracs, Instants and Déjà Vu, the latter directed by Josep Maria Lari. It is with this show where it begins to make tours by the theatres of Spain and France.

In 2008, the company has installed in STA. Maria de Palautordera to develop new projects. In recent years, he has released two new shows: Vintage (2013), the most personal large format show and El Somiatruites (2015), a different magic for the whole family. These two are added to the Repertoire of the company along with Déjà Vu and Instants.

In the year 2015, Spain managed to find a place to compete in the FISM, where obtained a good result as third best magician of the world, in the category of great illusions The Enchanted Wood.

After his participation in the World Championship, he took up residence at the Rei de la Màgia in Barcelona, where he was able to introduce the new production Old Time Bakery, a large format show that goes into the wonderful 70's and 80's and revives unforgettable moments.

In 2016, he participated in the Magic Mania of Latvia, where he obtained the second place, in the category of Close-Up.