The Somiatruites – "Just a different magic"

Somiatruites: "visionary Person or lights easily with things impossible and strange."

El Somiatruites is a family show and for all ages, combining the most spectacular magic of big appliances with the most shocking magic in small format. This set of feelings, under a careful staging make El Somiatruites a delicious spectacle for the whole family.

El Somiatruites, takes the viewers into a world where there are no limits for imagination. They say that imagination is the pen with which the children draw their best adventures, where nothing is certain and everything is possible, in this way El Somiatruites, on each representation is the most amazing miracles of imaginative.

Edgard tells the audience "when it darkens the stars appear" and this is El Somiatruites, a succession of points of light clarifying the universe of viewers to catch them in their own and magical world.

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